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The Kaufmann Spotlight Lithium Battery Is The Perfect Power Solution For Your Spotlight. With A Capacity Of 3.7V And 2200Mah; This Hight Quality Lithium Battery Provides Long Lasting Performance; Ensuring Your Spotlight Remains Powered For Extended Periods During Your Outdoor Adventures Or Professional Work. The Lithium Battery Is Lightweight And Rechargeable; Making It A Convenient And Reliable Power Source For Your Spotlight. Whether youre Camping; Hiking; Working On Photography Projects; Or Engaging In Outdoor Activities; The Kaufmann Spotlight Lithium Battery Ensures That Your Spotlight Is Always Ready To Provide Powerful Illumination. Power Up Your Spotlight And Embark On Your Adventures With Confidence; Knowing That This Lithium Battery Will Keep Your Spotlight Shining Brightly. Spare Lithium Battery For Product V0700100 And V0700101.

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