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The Kaufmann Oval Enamel Coated Pan With Lid Is A Versatile And Practical Addition To Your Kitchen Cookware Collection. This Oval-Shaped Pan Is Crafted With Hight Quality Materials And Coated With Enamel For Added Durability And Easy Cleaning. Its Spacious Design Allows For Ample Cooking Space; Making It Ideal For Sautéing Vegetables; Braising Meats; Or Roasting Poultry. The pans Enamel Coating Provides A Non Stick Surface; Ensuring Your Food doesnt Stick And Making It Effortless To Clean. The Included Lid Helps To Retain Moisture And Flavors While Cooking; Resulting In Tender And Delicious Dishes. The Pan Is Suitable For Use On Various Heat Sources; Including Gas Stoves; Electric Cooktops; And In The Oven. Its Ergonomic Handle Offers A Comfortable Grip And Remains Cool During Cooking. The Kaufmann Oval Enamel Coated Pan With Lid Is Not Only Functional But Also Adds A Touch Of Elegance To Your Kitchen. Whether youre Preparing A Hearty Family Meal Or Experimenting With New Recipes; This Oval Pan Becomes Your Reliable And Versatile Cooking Companion

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