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Achieve precision impact in your woodworking and metalworking projects with the Kaufmann dead blow mallet; the perfect tool for accurate and controlled striking. This mallet is designed with a dead blow feature, which means it is filled with steel shot or sand to prevent rebound and deliver a non-bouncing strike. Whether you’re shaping metal, assembling delicate parts, or working with wood, this mallet ensures controlled force without damaging your workpiece. The Kaufmann dead blow mallet is crafted with high-quality materials for durability and a comfortable grip, providing a reliable tool for your workshop or toolkit. Here’s why the Kaufmann dead blow mallet is the top choice for precision impact: this dead blow mallet can be used in many specialized areas, particularly in automotive body repair applications such as chassis work, hubcap installation, as well as camping for hammering tent pegs, etc. It’s helpful in minimizing damage to the struck surface, limiting peak striking force with minimal elastic rebound from the struck surface. The orange color makes the dead blow mallet easy to find, and it’s only available in orange.

Please note that different stores stock different ranges of Kaufmann products and we recommend that you contact the store beforehand to confirm stock availability.


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